Tuesday, 20 December 2011

✿ Family Tree ✿

We back again with the same topic : FAMILY
Now, I want you to look at the picture below.

Can you see the differences between this picture & the Shinchan's Family picture?
This family tree consists of more people, right?
There are Grandad , Granny, Uncle , Aunt & Cousin.

Grandad / Grandfather - Datuk
Granny / Grandmother - Nenek
Uncle - Bapa saudara (Father's / Mother's brother or younger brother)
Aunt - Ibu saudara (Father's / Mother's sister or younger sister)
Cousin - Sepupu (boy & girl)

Monday, 5 December 2011

✿ One Happy Family ✿

Hello Sawadeekap kids!!~ hehe
Based on the topic above, can you conclude what we are going to learn today?
Hmmm...before that, I want to ask you a question, do you have a family?
What is the meaning of family?
Family is a group of people who are related to each other.
For an example : Your parents (Father & Mother) and the children (your sister & brother)
Now, do you understand the meaning of family?
So, we are going to learn about family.

Let us see the family chart below :

OK! This is Shinchan's Family.
I know most of you LOVE Shinchan very much! :D

Brief Explanation :
Hiroshi Nohara is a man. He got married with a woman named Misae Nohara.
A few years later, they got first baby 
who is a boy. His name is Shinnosuke Nohara or his famous nickname is Shinchan.
They got their 2nd baby after a few years later. The baby is a girl.
Her name is Himawari Nohara.

Since Shincan is a boy, we call him a SON (anak lelaki).
While Himawari is a girl, so we call her a DAUGHTER (anak perempuan).

Brother means Abang. We use it for a BOY only!
Sister means Kakak. We use this for a GIRL only!
Younger Sister means Adik Perempuan. And of course we use this for a GIRL too!
Same goes to a Younger Brother. It means Adik Lelaki (for a BOY only)!

To be continued with another big family tree~^^

Sunday, 4 December 2011

๑ Jobs Worksheet ๑

Homework Time :D
Yesterday, you have learnt about some occupations. 
So, now I want to give 2 worksheets to test whether you understand about it or not.

Worksheet 1 :

Worksheet 2 :

Read the instruction carefully & answered the questions given.
Good Luck to you sweetie :)
Hopefully you can do well !!!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

๑ My Dream! ๑

All my cute students 
As usual, I'm hoping that all of you are in a good condition~

Students!~ What do you want to be when you grow up?
I'm sure all of you have different thought, right? 
You could be an engineer, a doctor, a teacher or other occupations as well.
Emmm... Can you tell me some of your ambitions here?

Well, maybe here are some occupations that you would like to be in the future :

So, these are the occupations that we have found in the video :--->
Let us read & spell it together :)

fire fighter :: mechanic :: pilot :: barber :: postman :: police :: lifeguard :: teacher :: 
doctor :: nurse :: astronaut :: judges :: lawyers :: actor :: writer :: chef :: waiter

That's all for now. Next week, we will be doing some exciting activity :) 

Thank You
Let us finish our class by reciting Tasbih kafarah & Suratul Ars.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

⊱✿ I ♡ AniMaLs Worksheet ✿⊰

Students!!~^^ As I told you in the class before, 
I want to give you worksheets about animals.
So, here it is. This is your first exercise.

Second exercise.

I hope you can answer all the questions correctly.