Wednesday, 30 November 2011

⊱✿ I ♡ AniMaLs Part 2 ✿⊰

Hello kids. How are you today???
I hope all of you are in the pink of health, InsyaAllah :)
Ok, we have learnt about some animals' name before, right?
What else can you think about animals besides their names?


Well, time's up!!! hehehe...
F.E.A.T.U.R.E.S (Spell it together students!)

Today, I'm going to teach you more about animals.
It's all about their features :)

1. Cat

Its fur is really fluffy :)

2. Elephant

WOW!!! This elephant has big ears & a long trunk!

3. Rabbit

Cute rabbit! It has long ears & round eyes :)

4. Butterfly 

Can you see? It has colourful wings :D

5. Lion

RAWR!!! The lion has powerful legs!

6. Giraffe

Oh My God! Long neck of a giraffe!!!~

The end of the class. I hope you will remember all the features of these animals~^^ 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

⊱✿ I ♡ AniMaLs ✿⊰

This is the first topic that I want to teach you. ANIMAL~
I am sure that you already know some type of animals, right?
Let us see it.

What is this??? It is very CUTE, right?? 
1. This is what we call : CAT

Uwaaa!!! What is this?? This animal is very BIG & has a long TRUNK!!! 
What do we call it, students??? ... This is an ELEPHANT.

White, Cute, Fluffy fur, Long ears~~ Oh My God~~
Can you guess what is this?
This is a RABBIT

Okay, let us move on to another animals..
Here it is~~

This is a BUTTERFLY~ 
It can be found on the flowers. 

Fierce!!!~ We call it a LION.

The last animal for today :

Long neck !!!! What do we call it??

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