Sunday, 27 November 2011

⊱✿ I ♡ AniMaLs ✿⊰

This is the first topic that I want to teach you. ANIMAL~
I am sure that you already know some type of animals, right?
Let us see it.

What is this??? It is very CUTE, right?? 
1. This is what we call : CAT

Uwaaa!!! What is this?? This animal is very BIG & has a long TRUNK!!! 
What do we call it, students??? ... This is an ELEPHANT.

White, Cute, Fluffy fur, Long ears~~ Oh My God~~
Can you guess what is this?
This is a RABBIT

Okay, let us move on to another animals..
Here it is~~

This is a BUTTERFLY~ 
It can be found on the flowers. 

Fierce!!!~ We call it a LION.

The last animal for today :

Long neck !!!! What do we call it??


  1. its quite impressive but try to take a lot of example.. means more animal.. but anyway.. its fun..

  2. Great. rather than just put on simple pictures, you added on some easy and memorizable words to describe more about the animals. A brilliant way to increase students's vocabularies. Plus, the use of cute background could definitely attract primary students more than blank black and white or plain page. Keep up the good work! :)

  3. why not adding in some interactive videos about animals?picture alone is quite boring sometimes

  4. Good. Simple but nice. but I think, you should put another interactive picture in order to make an attraction to the students. And sometimes, it is easy to them to memorize the name of the animal or what. Anyhow, your post are quite interesting. Best of luck, ya :)


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